Is AEGEE-Tilburg for international students or for Dutch students?

We are open to both Dutch and International students. Our main language is English, which makes it easy to join for internationals. However, we also have a lot of Dutch members. Anyone who wants to discover Europe in a unique way, is more than welcome!


How much does a membership cost?

A membership is only 20 euros a year!


I first want to participate in an activity before I decide if I want to become a member, is this possible?

Most of our events are open for non-members as well. Do not hesitate to contact us about upcoming events and we will definitely work something out! You can also find all of our open events on the Facebookpage.


Are there obligations when you become a member?

Nothing within AEGEE-Tilburg is mandatory, it is no problem if you only want to participate in our events!


How do I unsubscribe?

Whenever you want to unsubscribe, send an email to info@aegee-tilburg.nl stating your full name. Please be aware that you are required to unsubscribe before the 31st of July, otherwise you will be required to pay the membership fee for the upcoming year.


In which ways can I become active within AEGEE?

You can join any committee in AEGEE-Tilburg throughout the year. Definitely check out the section about committees on the website. You can also become active within the European Network of AEGEE. If you want to know more about these possibilities, feel free to contact us.