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For the travel minded

For the travel minded!

AEGEE-Tilburg is the European student association for you to travel, explore and experience Europe with. Join us in our parties, trips, workshops and many other activities in Tilburg and all around Europe.

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Check out our upcoming activities and see for yourself what AEGEE-Tilburg is about. Go to our European events page to see where in Europe you’ll be going next!


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Upcoming activities:

  • 29-08 Introduction Activity 1: Pub Quiz
  • 01-09 Introduction Activity 2: European Night
  • 05-09 Introduction Activity 3: Picnic and Pizza
  • 09-09 Introduction Activity 4: Beerpong Tournamint with AEGEE-Eindhoven


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Meet AEGEE: some call it Europe, we call it Home



After discovering the association through the sticker in my room when I moved to the Netherlands, my main motivation to join was the chance to wander around Europe with travel-minded people. As a very active international member, I learned a lot about the local culture and made a quarter of my Dutch friends through AEGEE. Besides, I hitch-hiked to the headquarters in Brussels and visited Malaga as one of the exchange organizers. Eventually becoming a tour guide in Tilburg for our visiting participants, I am proud to be part of a strong European youth community which continues to grow!

Sabuhi Osmanov

Sabuhi Osmanov

I became a member of AEGEE because I think it is the perfect chance to make the most of your student time. I especially like the possibility of combining the fun with the educational aspect. For example: the exchanges. This is when the two committees of different locals organize an exchange. Often you sleep in the house of a member of the opposite local. These exchanges are educational as you get to see a new city and/or country of which you get to learn all the ins and outs. Next to that, they are lots of fun, you get to meet a lot of new people, and get to do all kinds of fun activities. The exchanges always include a European-Night and a Pub-Crawl. By being part of AEGEE, before you know it, you will have friends all over Europe!

Iris Willemsen

Iris Willemsen

The reason I joined AEGEE was the Summer University project. Every year, about 40 or 50 locals in Europe organize an event during one or two weeks in the summer. The perfect opportunity to discover the country you have always wanted to visit! But it doesn’t stop there, AEGEE offers multiple chances to go abroad: exchanges, local events, Agora’s, EPM’s, all year long! Abroad you’ll discover the true meanings of AEGEE: meeting new people, discovering yourself, learning about other countries, languages, food and cultures. It’s time to collect your stickers! See you somewhere in Europe!

Thomas Oerlemans

Thomas Oerlemans


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