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What is SU?

The SU is an event that takes place during summer between one and four weeks in most of the cities that AEGEE is present. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, removing national borders, fighting for tolerance and creating open-minded citizens are some of the reasons why 20 to 50 young Europeans from all over Europe come together in each SU to taste the diversity of multiculturalism.

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Duration & Dates

From one to three weeks. The usual duration is two weeks. All SUs are held between June and September.


The average prices of a SU is 186 euros. For this price you get the following:Accommodation during the whole event.

  • Meals: Two per day of which at least one is warm. Vegetarian, non-pork food and other special requirements will be provided.
  • Transportation during the event, tickets to recreational sites, cultural landmarks, activities, museums… and everything else included in the program. And of course the parties!

Keep in mind that you have to pay for your own transportation (flight, train or bus ticket) to get to the city your SU starts in.


It depends on the SU. It may be a hostel, camping, tent, gym, houses of AEGEE members, student flats,… In any case, if you want to know more details about the accommodation, read the “lodging” specification in each SU description and if you still have doubts, contact the organizers of the specific SU.


Summer Course (SC)

The Summer Course is a course about a specific topic ranging from language and local culture to environment and politics. It has a duration of two to four weeks. Participants receive at least 14 hours of tuition per week.

Summer Course Plus (SC+)

The Summer Course Plus is mostly the same as the previous one with the great difference that participants receive at least 20 hours of intensive tuition per week.

Travelling SU (TSU)

The Travelling SU is organized by two or more locals. During the 2-4 weeks of cultural trip through a part of Europe, the group stays in at least 4 different places. The aim of this event is to combine the different lifestyles and cultures of the places visited with a course provided like in Summer Course. Since there is a lot of time spent in travelling, the tuition hours are less than Summer Course, but at least 10 hours per week.
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Burgundian Bicylces Vol. IV: Biking through Lowlands

As one of the 65 SU’s is AEGEE-Tilburg also organizing a SU together with AEGEE-Leuven!

  • From: Sunday, July 16th        
  • To: Sunday, July 30th
  • Type: Travelling SU (TSU)
  • Thematic categories: Green SU / 
  • Fee: 196€  
  • Friends: 25 
  • Accomodation: Gym, participants will need to bring their own mattress and sleeping bag
  • Confirmation: Pay 100% of the fee in advance
  • Optional fee: 40€
  • Used for: Row clinic, day in Rotterdam, Brewery tour in Leuven
  • Language: English

Ride your bike through the Lowlands and enjoy Burgundian culture. Learn about sustainability and travel to many cities. This TSU fits you!

Has it always been your dream to visit the low lands of Belgium and the Netherlands?

Experience living below sea level? Ride a bike from city to city? And live the Burgundian lifestyle? Well, this is your chance! This summer you will be visiting the best spots in Belgium and the Netherlands, while learning how you can save the environment.

This two-week adventure will start in Leuven, Belgium, where you will be visiting the beautiful cities of Ghent, Brussels and Bruges. In Leuven we will experience the Belgian student life, which will involve hanging out in one of the pubs around the old market in the city center. We will also visit the Provinciaal Domein, a very big park in which you will find a bee house, an ecohouse and a lot of animals and meadows. We’ll explore Belgium in a culinary way in Brussels, eating the best fries the country has to offer, and visit one of the nicest tourist locations, Bruges, with its famous old town that makes you think you’re in a museum. Besides all the travelling and visiting, you will also have the chance to gain some insights into sustainability initiatives in Belgium. Stay tuned!

After the first week we will travel north to Tilburg, the Netherlands, by hitchhiking! Here the largest funfair of the Netherlands  will welcome you and you will be introduced to Pink Monday. From here we will make a day trip to the capital Amsterdam. The city known for its canals, museums, coffee shops and… the red light district. We also will pay a visit to ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the historical capital of the province Noord-Brabant. Last but not least we will visit Rotterdam, the biggest harbour city of the Netherlands which is why it’s called Gateway to Europe. In Rotterdam we will also visit Kinderdijk which has 19 windmills and is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Afterwards we will chill out on a nice city beach!

Because this will be a Green SU, you will be spending a lot of time on a bike in the Netherlands!

Contact or visit AEGEE.SU for further information and to apply for this SU!