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Social Drink

22.11.2017 AEGEE-Delft

We are invited by AEGEE-Delft!




Social Drink

22.11.2017 AEGEE-Nijmegen

We are invited by AEGEE-Nijmegen!



Social Drink

08.11.2017 AEGEE-Amsterdam

We are invited by AEGEE-Amsterdam!




 What is a Network Meeting (NWM)? Find out on our about AEGEE-Europe page

sadfasdNWM Ankara -Peace It Up in the City of Lights    

AEGEE Meeting

01.12.2016 – 04.12.2016       AEGEE-Ankara        Links: Intranet , Facebook

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced AEGEE member or just a new one… Everyone is more than welcome to join! Start your December with a bang, while learning more about AEGEE and helping your local grow stronger. And all these in the magical capital of Turkey, Ankara! We are waiting for YOU!


 sadfasdsNWM Moskva – “Deal with it!”  

AEGEE Meeting

01.12.2016 – 04.12.2016      AEGEE-Moskva        Links: Intranet , Facebook

Do you like games? Do you want to boost your skills by having fun in Moscow? Are you ready to check your knowledge about AEGEE and your fortitude during the legendary Russian winter? Then come to our Network Meeting and become a real AEGEE geek together with AEGEE-Moskva!



NWM Aachen – “It takes two bears to tango!”    

AEGEE Meeting

24.11.2016 – 27.11.2016       AEGEE-Aachen        Links: Intranet , Facebook

NWM have the aim to reconnect locals to each other and strenghten the cooperation to the european level in AEGEE. Sessions about teambuilding and cooperation with european bodies are waiting for you, but we will also talk about Brexit and the cooperation in between the European Union.



NWM Beograd: Keep it Bright in the White city!    

AEGEE Meeting

17.11.2016 – 20.11.2016      AEGEE-Beograd        Links: Intranet , Facebook

What a better way to step in deeper into the fall than meeting your fellow Networkers? What a better reason to give than to reflect,evaluate,learn and plan? What a season would it be if not attending the event that serves to improve? ± Stay tuned, get involved.


 safsadsNWM Leiden – Lexit: Break away from your regular life    

AEGEE Meeting

17.11.2016 – 24.11.2016      AEGEE-Leiden        Links: Intranet , Facebook

APPLICATION IS CLOSED! Only still apply if you received an e-mail from the organisers asking you to apply via intranet.


All European events


14976366_1481754198521231_3737295612262611093_oSecret recipe for an epic SUmmer

Training course          Link: IntranetFacebook

23.03.2017 – 26.03.2017 – AEGEE-Skopje

SUPS is aimed for future organizers of Summer Universities who want to improve their project management skills. If you want to make the best Summer University your antenna has ever seen, this is the place to be!



14883551_1479686422061342_5179669994127947563_oHow I Met the Best SU     

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

02.02.2017 – 05.02.2017       AEGEE-Voronezh

Kids, AEGEE-Voronezh wants to tell you the story of How To Meet The Best SU.





sdfsdfasdfsdWhatever Floats Your Rainboat!     

AEGEE Meeting          Link: Intranet , Facebook

23.01.2017 – 27.01.2017      AEGEE-Amsterdam 

Discover Amsterdam in the Dutchest way possible during this winterwonderful event! Cruise our canals, ride a bike through the city and take a try at ice-skating. Through this event you will get to know more about LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transsexual and more) in Europe.




14917274_1479670638729587_6995612905443209165_oSUPS Berlin: The Organizer’s Guide to the Galaxy     

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

19.01.2017 – 22.01.2017      AEGEE-Berlin

You weren’t able to clear your schedule for a week to join SUPS? Then we are excited to tell you, that SUCT introduced a new concept of them! AEGEE-Berlin is more than happy to host the first one of this events and rock it! Join us and learn how to make your SU unforgettable!



14939440_1379361268783321_2890306733990180328_oHRTC – Unleash Unknown Talents!     

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

12.01.2017 – 15.01.2017     AEGEE-Passua

#What? HRTC – Unleash unknown talents! #When? 12th to 15th January 2017 #Where? Passau (Germany) #Fee? 35€




dfasdfadPesadilla antes de Navidad X     

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

16.12.2016 – 18.12.2016      AEGEE-Madrid

Do you want to live a (very educational) nightmare before Christmas this year? We are celebrating the 10th edition of Madrid’s classic Pesadilla event and during this weekend we will learn a lot through different workshops and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of the capital of Spain.



14701021_884903108277684_7729551292009626214_oZagreb ADVENTure: Walking in the Christmas Wonderland     

AEGEE Meeting           Link: Intranet , Facebook

08.12.2016 – 11.12.2016     AEGEE-Zagreb

Remember Zagreb, the city of million hearts? Come and see what it looks like under million lights in the most beautiful time of the year, the time of Advent! We’ll take you through this magical wonderland of Christmas markets, traditional food, music and friendly locals full of Christmas spirit!



sdfsdfsdfsdbEST of Winter: AEGEE-Tallinn’s birthday bash     

AEGEE Meeting          Link: Intranet , Facebook

08.12.2016 – 11.12.2016      AEGEE-Tallinn

This December will mark the 25th anniversary of the first AEGEE contact in Estonia! To celebrate, AEGEE-Tallinn invites you to discover the magic of winter!




 asdfsdweTNT Cluj-Napoca 2016     

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

07.12.2016 – 14.12.2016      AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca

Become one of the best trainers in AEGEE! When? 7th to 14th of December 2016! Where? Cluj-Napoca! Are you ready? Apply here:




sadsdfsDevelop Yourself 3    

Training course          Link: Intranet , Facebook

01.12.2016 – 04.12.2016      AEGEE-Dresden

Develop Yourself 3 get’s you what all enterprises look for: How do I hold a speech? What personality types are there? How can I solve conflicts? If you always wanted to learn about these key skills, don’t miss this training course!



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