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AEGEE-Tilburg is the European student association for those people that would like to experience Europe in Tilburg and for those who would like to travel around Europe for all kinds of events and activities. AEGEE-Tilburg consists of Dutch and international students from all over Europe. It is a great way to experience parties, workshops and travels together with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Every month we organize activities in Tilburg like thematic parties, trainings and workshops, dinners and game evenings. In our year agenda you can check which activities we have planned for the upcoming month and rest of the year. We also go together to events like a cantus so you will have an amazing international group to party with. A couple times a year we also welcome a local from a European city in Tilburg for an exchange. This is an amazing way to spend time and learn from people somewhere out of Europe.



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Activity Committee

AEGEE-Tilburg Carnaval

Are you full of ideas to organize the best parties and activities for AEGEE-Tilburg? Then join us! Organize activities like thematic parties for Halloween, European Nights or game evenings for our members.  Make others enjoy AEGEE to the fullest and have lots of fun yourself!

The event committee consists of: Hariëtte (chairperson), Evelien, Valerie, Lotte and Ellen (board coordinator). You can contact us at:

Exchange Committee

Eager to meet new people and gain new, intercultural experiences? Then the Exchange Committee is for you! Welcome AEGEE members from all over Europe and show them Tilburg and the Netherlands whilst having a great time along the way! You also search for other locals around Europe who are willing to welcome AEGEE-Tilburg members for an exchange. AEGEE exchanges usually last between 3 to 7 days, making it a very attractive and quick way of exploring new cities and countries. 

The exchange committee consists of: Lieke (chairperson), Sabuhi, Anh, Sofie and Lieve (board coordinator). You can contact us at:





Summer University Committee

AEGEE-Tilburg Summer University

Get involved in one of the most exciting events of AEGEE – the Summer University! Do you enjoy developing relationships with people from all over Europe, experience different cultures and making memories of a life time? Then we are looking for you! Organize the summer of a life time by setting up a program with events, activities and travels around the Netherlands. Take care of logistics, budgets and organizational responsibilities of our Summer University and let our participants experience the Netherlands in its finest form. Meet amazing people from all over Europe and show them the Dutch way of living while experiencing theirs. Participants of Summer Universities all share the same thing: a once in a life time experience!

The Summer University committee consists of: Thijs (chairperson), Wietse, Thomas, Sarina and Sophie (board coordinator). You can contact us by:



International Champions League committee

Do you like to organize big events? Do you want to invest in society as well? Then we are looking for you! As committee we are organizing the biggest event of AEGEE-Tilburg for about 200 people. The International Champions League is a football tournament which unites refugees, who came to The Netherlands and Dutch & International students in a day of fun, where everybody can forget their daily struggles for a moment and can meet up with each other. With more than 200 visitors last year, the International Champions League was a big success and it is going to be great again this year.

The International Champions League-committee consists of: Nikki (chairperson), Melissa, Iris and Rens (board coordinator).

You can contact us at:



Carnavals Committee 

The Carnaval event is a European event and will take place from 20 th till 24 th of February 2020. Around 15 members from all locals of AEGEE-Europe are participating and will be hosted by members. During these four to five days participants will get to know each other, learn about the history of Carnaval, get a city tour in Tilburg, and of course drink Schrobbelèr and join parties. On Sunday, like every year, also AEGEEans from locals nearby are invited to join the parade. Since European events need to be applied by AEGEE-Europe, the committee starts before summer.

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